Ultra Rare WW2 USAAF B-7 Arctic Sheepskin Parka

Ultra Rare WW2 USAAF B-7 Arctic Sheepskin Parka


One of the rarest American Military pieces from WW2 that there is, and certainly the most influential/ stylish.

In production for only one year during WWII, the great B-7 Parka was an essential asset in the protection of pilots and ground crews stationed in the bitterly cold climates of Alaska. With plummeting temperatures and unheated cockpits at altitudes of up to 20,000 feet, a heavy duty piece of outerwear was needed to keep out the chill and the specifically designed three quarter length, plush shearling and fur trimmed B-7 jacket fit the bill perfectly.

This is BY FAR the nicest we have ever had or seen. The rarity involved in these coats is not only down to the limited numbers produced, but also to how easily soiled and destroyed they were in the environment in which they were used. The fact that they were white often lead them to get noticeably COVERED in aircraft dirt, grease, and oil. Which is how we usually get them. Torn to shreds and covered in filth.

This example, although it does have multiple cool period repairs is FAIRLY clean compared to all others that we have had. There are marks/ stains/ holes here and there but a leather worker and/ or dry cleaner could have this piece glowing like new (But one could also just leave the beautiful patina as is, which is our recommendation. Old sheepskin is very delicate). These are one of the most sought after and cherished garments from the second World War, and with the incredibly beautiful design, it is no wonder why.

Marked size 42
pit to pit 22.5"
shoulder to shoulder 18.5"
shoulder to cuff 24.5"
shoulder to bottom 33"

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